Close relationships important when raising a child

As a parent, I understand the close relationship schools and parents must have with students. A South China Morning Post (SCMP) article highlighted pertinent factors parents need to consider when raising their child. It professed that “Good communication is key to parents staying informed about their child’s progress and will help them to overcome problems and achieve their life goals”.

Parents should maintain an open and good relationship with their child’s teacher. SCMP advised that “To form these partnerships, we need to have open communication about children’s progress and well-being as a foundation”. I believe that it is crucial that parents heed such advice. Open communication builds strong and healthy relationships between parent and child.

Have an open line of communication with your child and initiate conversations. Parents need to be conversation starters as children tend to be more reluctant and introverted in sharing their feelings and thoughts. Start with questions like how their day was or who they sat with in class, for example.

It is also pertinent that you be aware of the school curriculum and policies. SCMP advised to “Communicate with the teacher about realistic expectations and requirements for your child. This is very important as unrealistic expectations or targets for development only cause unnecessary frustration”. Having unrealistic expectations can demotivate your child as they may feel it is impossible to meet your expectations.

Communication is very important as it manages expectations of both parties. Ultimately it benefits the child. Which is why AFEA emphasises communication in its teaching methods so that children can achieve their potential effectively.

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