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AFEA is not a franchise. AFEA helps edupreneurs who want to create something of their own and need guidance on achieving it with minimized obstacles. Owning a franchise has its benefits, and with it comes certain restrictions and less independence than running your own business. AFEA’s partnership offers you the best of both worlds. You have the flexibility of setting up a tuition centre of your own brand, and still rely on proven expertise that generates million-dollar revenue annually.

Create your very own brand name and build it into a chain of successful tuition centres by being a partner of AFEA.

We view you as a partner, by not putting undue stress on your business capital and by walking with you step by step towards realizing your vision. AFEA provides you with all the necessary business expertise with an education perspective to build a unique and successful tuition business and charges a Partnership Fee, with a progressive instalment scheme.

AFEA is founded by Mr. Anthony Fok, a tutor renowned for his teaching efficacy and business acumen. Anthony runs JC Economics Education Centre, a successful tuition centre that achieves million-dollar revenue annually with his effective teaching and business acumen. Numerous well-established news media such as British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), The Straits Times and Mediacorp have interviewed Anthony on his methods for success. Parents have even offered him 5-digit monetary rewards to help their children achieve an “A” grade in Economics.

Many entrepreneurs have asked Anthony about his secrets to effective teaching and business strategies. Anthony believes in amplifying the reach to more students through partners. It is even more crucial at this juncture where changes in the education system are being made. The environment is dynamic and rapidly changing. Anthony wishes to help genuine and aspiring edupreneurs quickly achieve his level of success via a proprietary process honed by decades of experience

You will quickly gain access to Anthony’s business methods and proprietary materials which are the foundations of business building and effective teaching. You will not only be guided by AFEA, but you will also gain the expertise of CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd (‘CPD’). CPD is an affiliate company of AFEA and is helmed by a team of education and business experts. With over 15 years of experience in the education sector, the team comprises of university professors, former National Institute of Education (NIE) lecturers and ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) officers who produce high-quality education materials.

Through the business guidance of AFEA and support of the high-quality teaching materials from CPD, this partnership steers you towards success in the education industry.

The partnership comprises all the elements necessary to build your dream tuition centre . We start all successful partnership correctly from the beginning with a crucial get-to-know-you session. This session ensures there will be mutual understanding, empathy and trust. Once this camaraderie is achieved, a structured lesson plan and consultation will ensue to aid you in the making of sound business decisions. AFEA will teach you the business know-how; assist you in the application of necessary government licenses; mentor you in the effective promotion of your centre and provide you with the teaching materials.

Concurrently, AFEA will also assist you with the physical set up of the centre. Once your physical centre is ready, AFEA will ease you into the business and provide you with the education materials from CPD. You will be ready for the challenge and excitement of operating your very own tuition centre.

AFEA values its partners and enjoys a long and fulfilling journey with every partner. The initial 2 years of partnership are the most important where crucial expertise and content will be imparted. These first 2 years are essentially the set-up and stabilization phase. A viable business is one that constantly evolves and adapts to the changing environment and market conditions. AFEA will ensure that you plan ahead to ensure business viability. By the end of the contract, you may already be considering expansion in a variety of ways like teaching more subjects or opening more tuition centres. AFEA will be there to assist you in achieving your dream.

AFEA is confident that you will choose to renew the contract for various reasons such as business expansion, continued access to the high-quality customized materials and the impeccably rendered support.

The education business is similar to other businesses. Possession of qualities such as passion, perseverance and diligence are crucial. One difference that separates this industry from others is the immense impact your teaching will have on students and their future. The partner must love children and be aware that students are Singapore’s future pillars of support and economic growth. He must want to nurture them and believe in making a difference. The partner must be ready to take on challenges and be committed to realizing his vision . AFEA will provide all the necessary support for this worthwhile enterprise.

A good location is one that is prominent and situated in a high traffic area. Depending on the partner’s geographical preference, AFEA will assess the locale and recommend available venues with good accessibility and visibility. Like in the Art of War, to know and exploit the terrain requires finesse which AFEA will provide you with. There may be several considerations and some constraints may be beyond control. Venues and the rental market can be very dynamic due to demand and supply. AFEA will help you strategize the best ways to attract students and increase the visibility of your tuition centre.

Your clientele will be varied because students seek help for various reasons. Some want to ensure they achieve the very best through every means available. Some need extra coaching to bolster their confidence. AFEA will provide mentorship in building rapport with students and their parents.

From a business perspective, there are over 30,000 new Primary One students entering school each year. This means a constant influx of new students that will benefit from your tuition centre, on top of your existing students who will progress to the next academic level. AFEA will guide you in reaching out to new students effectively.

In this partnership, a structured and progressive payment schedule gently eases partners into the business. The components consist of a deposit before the start of the partnership, and monthly payments during the tenure of the contract. The progressive payment schedule and amounts will be made known to you at the start of the partnership. It allows you to focus on other important aspects of business building without having to worry about big lump sum payments.

Anthony has gone through the school of hard knocks to build his million-dollar business. He does not shy away from the fact that past failures were the most important lessons in building his business, and he does not want aspiring edupreneurs to make the same mistakes. Passion, perseverance and diligence are crucial to ensure business longevity. As your partner, AFEA will keep you abreast of industry trends to ensure sustainability. As with all well-planned businesses, there will be an exit strategy for partners in the unlikely event that the business fails.

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