Partnership Entitlements In 3 Stages

  • Understanding partner objectives, preferences and vision.
  • Guidance on business strategies and plans after incorporating partner’s preferences.
  • Guidance on education industry and relevant opportunities.
  • 10-week lesson plan on business set up and operations.
  • Creation of corporate branding and image.
  • Guidance and supervision on related license applications.
  • Guidance and supervision on infrastructure set up, i.e. venue rental, centre set up and furnishing.
  • Supervision and consultation of business operations.
  • Provision of Anthony Fok’s media coverage to reinforce centre branding
  • Public Relations exercise for launch of partner centre.
  • Provision of and guidance on education worksheets by subject and level.

AFEA Partnership Work Flow


  • Get-to-know-you session
  • Understand partner’s objectives & vision
  • Explanation of contract details and conditions
  • Issuance and endorsement of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Deposit Payment

  • Endorse Contract
  • Discussion of lesson plan schedule
  • Explanation of lesson plan and objectives

10 Weeks of Lessons

  • Guidance on business set up and operations
  • Concurrent work on corporate branding
  • Concurrrent work on business registration and relevant license applications

Centre Set Up

  • Concurrent supervision of centre set up upon finalization of preferences in brand strategy, image and location


  • Consultation & supervision on the application of teaching materials, business operations and teacher observances

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