Adobe launches Spark with Premium Features for every students, free of charge

Recently, Adobe announced that it will be making Spark for Education with premium features available free of charge to primary, secondary, and higher education. Normally priced at SGD$182.91 per year, Adobe Spark for Education is a fun storytelling Creative Cloud application that enables students to easily express themselves via graphics, web stories and video to complete their school assignments and showcase their digital creativity.

Adobe’s research has also shown that jobs of the future will demand both creativity and creative problem solving skills. However, the biggest barriers educators face to teach these skills in classrooms is the lack of access to necessary tools and technologies, as well as the time required to teach students how to use these creative tools.

Hence, Adobe Spark for Education was built to solve these issues. According to Mala Sharma, VP and GM of Creative Cloud product marketing & engagement at Adobe, access to tools and resources is a key factor in education, and by providing Spark to primary, secondary and colleges for free Adobe is “empowering educators to teach the critical skills their students need both in the classroom and when they enter the workforce”.

This development is an evolution in the traditional Show and Tell sessions for schools. It is a great initiative by Adobe, in helping the next generation of students improve their presentation and persuasion skills using digital technology. I can almost envision all students articulating confidently in the business world, thanks to the practice they’ve had on Adobe Spark for Education. In addition, it is without a doubt that these same students will also display strong creativity and creative problem skills that they have picked up from using the application and other similar digital tools.

If you want to find out more about Adobe Spark for Education, click the following link:

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