Student-teacher relationships are vital to students’ good academic performance

Harvard University’s Roland Fryer recently published the results of a study he conducted on the effects of two different methods of teaching elementary school students. Platooning is a method of teaching where teachers are specialised in a particular subject and students switch teachers for each class. Conversely, Looping is a term used when students keep … Read more

Despite higher academic standards, student performance is still lacking

According to a report in the journal Education Next, raising expectations for student performance doesn’t necessarily mean that students will deliver results. In fact, researchers have found no correlation between a rise in state standards and a rise in student achievement. Education Next has tracked student proficiency on standardised tests since 2005, which is then … Read more

Fewer students take English and humanities subjects at the A-Levels

Education unions in England warned that students are turning away from taking English and humanities at the A-levels following major reforms and the government’s narrowing focus on science and maths. Figures from examination regulator Ofqual show a significant decline in the number of students choosing to study English, geography, history, religious studies, foreign languages and … Read more