Teachers in the UK will face tough assessments before getting accredited in classrooms

New applicants to join the UK teaching fraternity will now have to show subject expertise in front of the head teacher and an expert from another school before qualifying as a fully fledged teacher.


A recently published White Paper shows the government plans to scrap the current system of awarding teachers Qualified Teacher Status after completing a probationary year in a school. Instead, teachers will have to prove they can control a classroom and show their subject expertise.


The new form of accreditation is described as “a stronger, more challenging accreditation based on a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom, as judged by great schools”. The move is believed to help ensure the highest standards which will be good for both new teachers, and for schools.


However, Mary Bousted, general secretary of the association of Teachers and Lecturers, said the idea was “highly problematic” as it will put pressure on school leaders to “delay accreditation as a way of saving wage costs”, especially in today’s context when school budgets are being cut in real terms.

This measure is really a performance-based hiring system to the letter. I wonder if soft skills such as rapport building with student are being considered as well. While the intention behind the move is good, I believe there is more to being a good teacher than being s subject mater expert. Soft skills are much more of a necessity and should also be part of the criteria for accreditation.

If you want to find out more measures outlined in the White Paper, click the following link:



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