Teach teens useful life skills

The recent news of the successful rescue of 12 young boys and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand has highlighted the importance of learning life skills which are not found in textbooks.  This is especially important today when many of our children are more sheltered.

These are some life skills which may be useful; learning how to set a monthly budget and handle limited financial resources as well as making informed financial decisions based on needs and wants; how to administer first aid and administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation; how to be gracious and polite to others; how to manage their time properly; and how to do house chores such as laundry.

With these skills, teenagers can learn how to be independent and resilient. They can also take responsibility for their actions and be useful citizens who contribute to society in meaningful ways.

The Thai cave rescue story is a stark reminder that one cannot survive on book smarts alone. Academic theories and knowledge cannot help one to survive real-world and physical crises. An individual needs practical skills in other to weather the many ups and downs in life. Thus, I feel that it will be good to discuss such incidences with our student, and have them realise that good grades is not the be all end all.

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