Students taking SATs taught power pose to boost confidence and focus

Students sitting for their SATs at the Flying Bull Academy in Portsmouth, England, were taught the superhero power pose in a bid to improve their test results. The pose, popular amongst some politicians, was introduced into classes to give students a confidence boost and help them focus before sitting for the test.
According to a teacher from the school, the pose actually enables students to have a bit of time to do some positive thinking before they begin the test. This in turns, gives students “the extra thing they need to be successful”.
Recent studies however, have suggested that these power poses don’t actually work. Teachers at the school agree, saying that it’s more of a “placebo effect”. What works is the fact that the pose allows students to have “quiet time that allows them to reflect and think things through”. All of these thoughts going through their minds during that quiet time are what causes them to be successful. Still, many of the students believe that the poses have been working their magic. Many say that their results have improved and are more confident of themselves as well.
Reading this article reminds me that we should never underestimate the power of suggestion. While there is tenuous proof that it works, there is still no harm in doing it if it helps to boost students’ confidence. Placebo effect or not, our students definitely deserve every little bit of confidence booster they can get.
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