Students’ bright ideas fuel fundraising for school lunches in Nepal

A group of Auckland primary school students is challenging others to join them in raising money to pay for 100,000 lunches for an earthquake-struck school in Nepal, which is still struggling to recover from the 2015 earthquake that devastated the country.


Other than lending a helping hand to the Nepalese students, the project is also providing learning opportunities as the Auckland students are developing skills in problem solving, planning, creative thinking, facing and meeting challenges, working collaboratively, negotiating and showing empathy.  Children also used maths in the project, calculating what the cost of the lunches were and how much needed to be raised.


The list of ideas from the students was very long and creative. One was for parents to go without coffee for one day, and put the money saved towards the fundraising effort. Students have also cooked and sold baked goods, vegetables, second-hand goods, and sponsored a walkathon.


The project is an initiative about kids helping other kids and one of the biggest takeaways is that an initiative does not have to be led by adults. Children can also do it themselves and succeed in helping other people. It is also a great way for the children to connect with the world and apply learning in a real life context.


This is a really good project initiative in connecting students with the real world and current affairs. They have made a real connection and real impact in helping the less fortunate. Nothing is more effective than using real situations in everyday learning.


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