Research shows that diploma certificate holders can double their earnings

Earning a bachelor’s degree used to be seen as the best way to securing a guaranteed job, but many students nowadays are turning to diploma certificates as a more affordable and accessible route to professional opportunities. In addition, diploma certificates are attractive to students with the shorter time it takes to earn one.


According to a research by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in the USA, obtaining a certificate can help people increase their earnings later in life. Completing a college certificate typically boosts workers’ overall earnings by almost $5000 or 19 percent, compared to their previous wages.  The study also found that certificates helped to mitigate economic inequalities and enable people to transition from traditional blue-collar industries like manufacturing and construction, to jobs in health care and other higher-skilled sectors.


As illustrated by the article and the research it highlighted, there is an immutable truth to lifelong learning. If you keep on learning and improving yourself, it will likely translate to better prospects. This is undeniably an important value to instil in students. Ultimately, it is all about how to give yourself the best career prospects by maintaining a competitive edge.


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