Recently launched online tutoring platform draws 400 students

Teachnlearn, a new online tutoring platform, is capitalising on the time young people spend online. The platform provides students with options to book tutors of their choice for 30-minute sessions. Online tutoring can be done via video chat, messaging and virtual whiteboard.

The platform touts convenience and the ready availability of qualified teachers as its best selling points. Since its launch in February, the platform already has 400 student subscribers and 200 teachers.

Wendy Chin, the community lead at teachnlearn, said that “no matter how we want to stop it, young children and young adults are on their screens. So why don’t we use that time more purposefully?” She added that the platform is also a good way of saving time for students as they are able to learn at wherever is most convenient for them.

Mr Muhammad Syafiq Bakhtiar, said that this kind of tutoring is especially useful when students need help with a specific question. However, it is not meant to replace face-to-face tuition. Instead, the platform acts as a supplement as students can get immediate help with a tough question, or ask about upcoming topics not yet taught in class.

Ms May Choong, centre manager at EduFirst Learning Centre, feels that younger learners might benefit less from an online-only approach as socialising with others is part of their learning experience in class. The online tutoring platform would be better suited for independent learners, such as polytechnic students who are used to lectures and tutorials.

Nonetheless, Geraldine Lee, a parent of two teenagers, said that her children have been using teachnlearn for three months. She finds it convenient as her children “can log in to find a teacher at any time, and I can monitor whether the tutors are good and change them if need be.”

Teachnlearn is definitely one of the many online platforms that can offer help to students. Technology today has given rise to many possibilities and many such platforms. Both parents and students have a wide range of choices to choose from. However, parents should still take effort to check the quality of provided services on such online platforms and keep being involved in their child’s online learning journey to ensure its full effectiveness.

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