Making coding a school subject

I came across an intriguing article by Mr Padraig Flanagan about the benefits of coding. He commented that coding should be made a leaving cert for young students. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Singapore government’s push to turn Singapore into a ‘Smart Nation’, Mr Flanagan’s idea seems feasible. I do believe the education sector will have to change. We need to impart 21st-century skills to our students for them to be future ready.

Mr Flanagan said, “The advent of the information age over two decades ago changed the world utterly. It revolutionised the way we communicate, the way we do business and it has also changed the way we deliver education”. He went on to describe how Ireland lacked skilled programmers and had to recruit from overseas. I believe Ireland’s example illustrates the impact of the technological revolution on our lives. Many institutions and employers are actively seeking next-generation skills such as data analysis and coding.

Mr Flanagan further mentioned about the push by developed countries to reform its education sector. “Over a decade ago, Israel updated its post-primary curriculum to include ICT as a subject. New Zealand recently did the same with Australia, Finland and Denmark considering doing likewise.” I foresee that this technological revolution will translate to an educational revolution. As educators, we need to embrace and be agents of this change.

Technology is changing our way of life as we know it. Correct skills are important for our students to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and the future economy. Acquiring right skills is actually the most important part of their educational journey.

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