“If you work like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot”

Minister of Education (Higher Education and Skills), Mr Ong Ye Kung mentioned in an interview with The Straits Times, “If you work like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot”. Mr Ong stressed that we should stop viewing university education as the only way to success. We need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant for the future.

I agree with the minister’s view. It is vital that the next generation understand the challenges ahead. Many jobs will be displaced with the rise in robotics and artificial intelligence. Singapore needs highly skilled workers to fulfil the needs of the future economy. Relevant skills will preside over degrees in the future.

Learning should continue after graduation.  We must inculcate the spirit of lifelong learning in our students. They should leverage on the widely available Internet to learn new skills to be competent for the 21st century.

One of the reasons why I started Anthony Fok Education Advisory (AFEA) was because of our changing environment. We need our young to develop the right skills. AFEA leverages on strong expertise from education professionals to future-proof the next generation. We believe in instilling the right mindset towards learning and in imparting life-long skills beyond the school’s curriculum.


You can read the full Straits Times’ article here:


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