Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Primary Schools

Minister of Education (Schools), Mr Ng Chee Meng said in parliament that all primary schools would undertake the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) come 2023. Currently, ALP is implemented in 80 primary schools. It allows children to have a more hands-on approach to learning and teaches students skills-based learning such as robotics and basic coding. This hones their cognitive skills and allows them to be more creative.

It is a positive indication that we are moving in the right direction towards holistic education. Mr Ng said, “Students learn by applying and by doing, and they learn beyond the classroom. They see for themselves how they can apply what they have learnt to the real world”. This is an excellent teaching method as students can experience how concepts are applied in their daily life. Students can better understand what they have learnt in the classrooms.

For a truly holistic education experience, all parties need to work together towards the common goal. Parents play a significant role. Mr Ng said, “I strongly urge all parents to give our children time for their minds to imagine; space to experiment and learn to take risks; and the opportunity to learn from failing, trying and trying until they succeed.” Parents need to change their mindsets and allow children to explore their interests. They must move away from the mindset that traditional subjects such as science and math are the best.

We welcome the ministry’s move to foster a more enriching and holistic experience for our children. This is a very good initiative to prepare our students for the future. AFEA also takes pride in grooming students to be future leaders. We believe skills and knowledge need to work in tandem and always improve our curriculum, with numerous hands-on learning tools that educators can embrace and infuse into their teaching.

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