Algeria turns off internet for high school exams

In a bid to tackle cheating, Algeria has turned off its internet worldwide during high school examinations. Internet service will be switched off for an hour after the start of each examination to stop any leaks. The internet blackout will continue throughout the exam season.

The move follows widespread cheating in 2016 when questions leaked online before and during the tests. As a result, the authorities asked internet service providers to stop social media access last year, but it was not enough, thus necessitating the complete internet blackout.

In addition, Facebook would be blocked across the whole country throughout the entire exam period. All electronic devices with internet access have been banned from the country’s 2000 exam halls, with metal detectors set up at their entrances. Surveillance cameras and mobile phone jammers have also been installed at exam printing presses.

The drastic measures taken by the Algerian authorities show the prevalence of technology and the internet in our lives today. While the internet has truly empowered students, its intended effects may not only ring on a positive note. When used without utmost discretion and discernment or used in the wrong hands, it can turn out disastrous, as in the widespread cheating in Algeria.

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