Entrepreneurship in Schools

I came across an interesting article about entrepreneurship. Naveed, a senior management executive at Credit Suisse, launched two start-ups before turning 16. He founded Young Founders School in Hong Kong, which revamps the way entrepreneurship is taught. Naveed also has courses in Singapore.

Naveed terms his startup as a charity-based entrepreneurship school. The school targets pupils aged 11 to 17 and hones their problem-solving skills. They are taught to come up with an idea to solve a problem in their city. The students can then advance their knowledge in a ‘startup boot camp,’ where they are taught basic entrepreneurship skills such as pitching and selling their ideas to venture capitalists. The winning team then gets US$1,000 to start their own company.

People like Naveed are the future drivers of the economy. People with the ability to become entrepreneurs will succeed in the future economy. Our youths must have Naveed’s mindset to succeed. The Singapore government has made the business environment friendlier to startups. Our youths should make use of these opportunities provided by the government, such as the special grants for startups.

While AFEA is centered on education, it aligns its students with skills that encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

You can read more about Naveed on the link below:


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