A good university education can be truly transformative

Recently, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) President, Professor Arnoud De Meyer shared with The Straits Times, how universities can maintain their relevance. According to Professor De Meyer, a good university education adds not just knowledge, but also skills – hard skills as well as work and life skills, like flexibility, cultural literacy and the ability to … Read more

Making coding a school subject

I came across an intriguing article by Mr Padraig Flanagan about the benefits of coding. He commented that coding should be made a leaving cert for young students. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Singapore government’s push to turn Singapore into a ‘Smart Nation’, Mr Flanagan’s idea seems feasible. I do believe … Read more

Social Media in Education

The Independent reported that social media is damaging children’s mental health. Nine in ten children were found to have been bullied online or exposed to disturbing material. “Most headteachers have received reports of pupils being exposed to upsetting material on social media sites – including self-harm, bullying, hate speech and sexual content, a poll by … Read more

Unconditional offers into University

More universities in the UK are giving students unconditional offers into their universities. These are some of the top universities in the world. Unconditional offers are made based on predicted grades even before the students even sit for their A levels. “Last year, more than 50,000 students were offered unconditional places, raising fears universities were … Read more

Coaching for Teachers

There was an article on USNews.com about coaching for teachers. The phrase “Just like athletes become stronger under the guidance of a good coach, so do teachers“ caught my attention. Teachers have to keep improving just like athletes and change their teaching methods to keep up with times. Being a teacher myself, I constantly set … Read more